Miss Magpie Wildlife Art

"Absolutely blown away, 10 out of 10. I will without a doubt be recommending you. Thank you so much, it surpassed my expectations"  Aimee

"I gave you a picture and you produced a masterpiece! Thank you so much, my sister loved this more than words can say. It was a fantastic birthday present that will be treasured."  Janice

"My woofers arrived today and I am thrilled with them! I am sooo pleased with the finished drawing of my two boys; you have done a fantastic job on them both. You are a very talented lady."  Mary

"I was completely lost for words and I must admit there were some tears as well. It is just as though we can reach out and stroke her, the portrait is so life-like. This picture will be treasured."  Steve

"It is so easy to tell that you put an amazing amount of effort into every portrait you do...you got every hair and even all the ginger patches on her nose. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us our dog back."  Vicky

"Wow I love it so much and so does my son; thank you! It's perfect-you are so talented!."  Fiona